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In the world of Sunflower


History and Tradition

"Sunflower" was founded in Vojvodina village Hajdukovo, near Subotica, in the late 80s. At the time, this healthy food production company was a pioneer in the field of cold pressed oils in the former Yugoslavia, while today it is seen as the originator of organic production and processing in Serbia. As a devoted vegetarian, and since the mid-eighties the macrobiotic diet follower, two decades ago, its owner, Ivan Perčić,decided to embark upon organic agriculture. The "Sunflower" is the result of this long-standing commitment to a healthier nutrition and life in general.

In 1989, having realized that the domestic market offered no cold pressed oils that may indulge a healthy diet, he came to the idea to start a company to produce them. The first equipment that was purchased was a hundred years old hydraulic press for extractingof pumpkin seed, sesame and sunflower oils in a traditional fashion, specifically, applying hydrothermal treatment of raw seeds before squeezing. The same tradition has been applied in the production of butter from oil crops, withthe famous peanut butter made on millstones.

Over the years, "Sunflower" has expanded the range of oilsto over twenty types of culinary, medicinal and cosmetic oils. It continued with introducing the processing of oilseeds to obtain butter and bars, ending up with today’s six families of more than fifty products that have found their place on the markets of the region and European Union.


Science and modern technology

The success and sustainable quality of our products has been achieved thanks to our close cooperation with the scientific institutions, primarily with: the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad, Faculty of Chemistry of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy of Belgrade, and the Public Health Institute in Subotica.The benefits of this cooperation is best reflected in the selection of primary raw material and technological processes that help preserve the most valued ingredients of the food.The knowledge ofinformation technologies have been utilized for monitoring and supervising the processes, aimed at achieving the ideal conditions for producing the secure product. The Software that we have been implementing, connects all the business functions in one wholeusing the programme and hardware for monitoring the raw materials fromtheir receipt, throughout their processing, to the finished product release; we use swipe cards and video surveillance to control and record the entrance to the plant; the control of packaging lines is provided during measuring and closing the packaging of finished products; we also conduct the control and optimization of processing machinery.


Prestigious "Granum"line of natural and organic products

As of 2014, "Sunflower" has introduced a new brand name of its natural and organic products - "Granum".All products bearing this label are made from 100% natural ingredients.

In addition to their use in food, they are outstandingin prevention and help in the treatment of various diseases and health problems."Granum" family includes: GranumFood virgin oils (from pumpkin and sesame seeds), GranumFood cold pressed, unrefined vegetable oils (sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, linseed, hempseed, coconut, rapeseed and grapeseed), GranumDropsnutritionalproducts (capsules of grape seed extract and fermented pomegranate juiceextract and evening primrose oil, pomegranate, black cumin and pumpkin - which are used in cosmetics and natural medicine), GranumFood spreads of oilseeds (peanut, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, hemp, nuts, sweet carob spreads with honey and fructose), sweet bars with fructose for diabetics ("Semenko" bars with nuts and seeds: sesame and cherry; sesame; linseed and sunflower seeds; peanuts and honey; pumpkin seeds; cranberries and honey; blueberries and honey), natural GranumCare cosmetics (shampoos for four hair types, shower gel, body oils, natural handmade soaps and face lotions) and a line of organic products ("Zejtin organic", organic sunflower spread and four kinds of balsamic vinegar - apple, pomegranate, raspberry and blueberry).

Organic production

The founder of the company has launched organic farming as early as in 1985 on the RudnikMountain, while in 1995, he organized the local farmers to produce organic raw materials.

“Suncokret” is the first holder of the "Terras" certificate for producing organic products. The international "BCS" certificate from Germany obtained in 2004, has ensured to the Company the access to the international market with its products spread throughout the stores of Great Britain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the local market, the control of our products has been carried out by the certification organization Eco Cert from France, having its branch office in Belgrade, with HCCP certificate issued by the Hungarian certification organization European Cert.

Rewards as the confirmation of quality

Over the years, the quality of products has always come first, which has been proven by numerous awards and prizes. Since 1996 and until today, "Sunflower" has won: Cup and two Grand Gold Medals, including 18 other rewards; in 2005, our organic pumpkin oil won the prize "Bio Product of the Year" at BIOFEST in Subotica, while in 2006 and 2008, we won the "Soil Association Organic Food Award" in Great Britain, in the class of organic products, for pumpkin and walnut butters. In 2015, at the international “EkoSvet” ecology fair in Novi Sad, the Company won the “Grand Gold Medal” for our Black Cumin Oil.The products have been exhibited at a number of fairs worldwide, such as the “Fancy Food Show” in New York, “Slow Food” in Turin, the “GrüneWoche” in Berlin, “Organic and Natural Food” in London, and at the largest organic food fair BioFach in Nuremberg.

Mission and Vision

The mission of "Sunflower" is to offer its customers the opportunity to opt for a healthier nutrition. Our wish is to help the people from both our surroundings and other regions, to choose healthy foods and improve their quality of life and, first and foremost, use prevention to improve their health. We believe that a number of health, aesthetic and psychological problems of the mankind can be solved by introducing a healthy and balanced diet.