We produce in harmony with nature since 1989

“Granum” brand is quality and healthy products with integrity. Using the highest quality raw materials and traditional processing methods with minimal intervention, we strive to preserve the essence of each food and a harmonious relationship with nature. Excellent and tasty food is most effective when there are as few intermediaries as possible from the source to the shelf. Over time, Granum products have become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle.


Granum products are made in the village of Hajdukovo, north of Vojvodina, where the family company “Suncokret” is located. Its founder, Ivan Perčić, started the production of healthy products in 1989 with the desire to make macrobiotic nutrition affordable, which was not available on the market at the time. His first recipe – virgin dark sesame oil, was the result of an experiment and a vision from which a rich assortment of healthy food will be developed in the coming years. Using a hundred-year-old traditional hydraulic press, in addition to sesame oil, virgin pumpkin oil is obtained, and “Suncokret” becomes a pioneer in the field of cold-pressed oils, as well as the founder of organic production and processing.

“I gradually realized that life is a one-time reward with a limited term, that it was given to enjoy it, and that we must take care of our health to live longer and better. I wanted to share it with others, and that’s how I started to deal with healthy food.


In the mid-eighties, I started producing foods for macrobiotics, which were in short supply in our country. The choice fell on virgin sesame oil. In a Trabant caravan, I went south of Macedonia to Lake Dorjan, where sesame grew. I bought the necessary quantity from the peasants, so the following weekend, I went to Slovenia, to Ptuj, to press sesame oil. After returning to Belgrade, I sent the obtained oil to many consumers for their opinion. Since the response was positive in 1989, I decided to purchase 100-year-old equipment and open a company.”

Ivan Perčić


Due to the need to communicate the company’s ideas and philosophy more directly, a new visual identity was introduced in 2013 under the Granum (Latin: grain) brand. Minimal visual means indicate the basic principles of the brand, such as simplicity, pure matter, and a strong connection between natural elements (seeds, earth, sun). The emphasis is on the proven origin of raw materials and their top quality, as well as on a clean production process that retains the nutritional value of the substance. We also think of the earth. At a time when various forms of exploitation threaten nature, food production must be as transparent as possible, and raw material processing a form of alliance between nature and technology.


All Granum products are gluten-free (certified by CESNA), lean, and vegan. They do not contain hydrogenated fats and are produced without artificial additions (additives and preservatives). They are tasty and rich in healthy fats, proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates. Organic products are certified by the French certification agency Ecocert. Granum products have a HACCP certificate, ISO 22000:2018, and ISO 9001:2015.


The Granum catalog contains unique products with unusual flavors, such as pomegranate balsamic vinegar, raspberry balsamic vinegar, or cumin medicinal oil. We use oil plants from countries where they grow naturally and feel “like at home” To ensure the highest quality ingredients. Thus, pumpkin seeds originating from Vojvodina, which are of the best quality, are used to produce pumpkin oil, butter, and bars. The raw material is imported from Argentina to get the perfect taste of peanut butter. Black cumin travels from India to obtain black cumin oil with the most potent medicinal properties.


Granum products are also present in the markets of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Romania.


Ivan passed on his love for healthy food and a better lifestyle to his children, Ksenia and Igor, who, after completing their studies, continue the family tradition driven by the desire to further contribute to the development of the products they grew up with and which has been in existence for over 30 years now.


Granum is a family company with a warm and natural relationship between the employees. We value the time we spend together, and by working together towards common goals, we create long-lasting and high-quality values.


We support humanitarian initiatives and educational, ecological, and artistic manifestations, events, and actions. We are particularly proud of our long-term cooperation with the Subotica Day Care Center for adults with disabilities.

Recognized as an innovative company, Granum has won many awards and recognitions over the years:

The prestigious Innovative Entrepreneur 2019 award, awarded by the international auditing and consulting company EY (Ernst&Young);

Plaque for business success for 2019 awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce;

Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, awarded by the daily newspaper Blic in cooperation with Eurobank.

Bronze medal for Pumpkin Butter and Gold Medal for Walnut Butter, awarded by the leading British certification agency Soil Association;

Cup at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair in 1996;

Bio Product of the Year for Organic Pumpkin Oil at the Bio Fest in Subotica in 2005;

Big gold medal for Black Cumin Oil at the 23rd International Ecology Fair Eko Svet in Novi Sad;

Gold medal for coconut oil at the 83rd International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.


Granum has recorded significant success on the domestic and international markets, and its products have been exhibited at fairs around the world, such as Fancy Food, New York; Slow Food, Turin; Tuttofood, Milan; Grune Woche, Berlin; Organic and Natural Food, London and regularly at the largest organic food fair, Bio Fach, in Nuremberg.