Plant-Based Proteins


    Plant-Based Protein Flours & Seeds

    Practicing a special diet like vegan or vegetarian makes it challenging to get high-quality proteins daily. Granum protein flours are a nutritional supplement and a suitable way for athletes, people who are lactose intolerant, and those who do not eat meat or fish to supplement their protein intake and healthy saturated fats. Let's remember the high-protein chia seeds, which you can also choose in an organic version, and their essential fatty acids and fibers form the basis of a healthy diet.

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    How do protein flours affect our bodies?

    In addition to providing the building blocks for healthy muscles and tissues, plant proteins can also benefit weight loss. They are lower in calories and fat than animal proteins but higher in fiber and essential nutrients.

    Are vegetable protein flours healthier than proteins based on animal origin?

    Certain studies have proven that vegetable protein contains more nutrients and fewer calories; they also have one thing that animal proteins lack entirely, which is fiber.

    Do you plan to bring back hemp protein?

    The legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia currently do not allow the use of hemp in food products.

    Do you plan to produce and sell any other types of seeds like chia?

    We have no plans, but if market demand arises, we will introduce it.

    Can protein flour be consumed instead of a meal?

    Protein meals and drinks do not contain enough nutrients or calories to be considered meals. Relying on them to replace meals can lead to hunger and excessive daily snacking.