Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil
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Unrefined, cold pressed


Linseed (Linum usitatissimum) is one of the oldest plants and as such, rarely found as a wild plant. This gentle blue flower that may grow up to two feet, has been cultivated for over 5,000 years already, mainly in tropical areas. It was used by the ancient Romans as of one of the favourite foods, for the preparation of bread and other dishes. Linseed can be used raw, roasted, ground and in the form of an oil.

Linseed oil is unrefined oil obtained by cold pressing of raw yellow linseed using innovative screw presses. This oil is the richest vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acids (52 - 56%) that are vital for the proper functioning of the brain, retina, bile, and the heart and blood vessels. Our body is unable to produce essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 that are critical for its normal functioning. Because of the key role that these fatty acids play in the creation of cell membranes, and in the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, brain, retina, gall bladder and other organs, their adequate intake needs to be ensured. Omega 3 fatty acids are found to be particularly deficient in the human diet, considering their manifold beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Aside from omega 3, fatty acids also contain omega 6 and 9 acids and vitamin B. Like all cold-pressed oils, linseed oil can be used for skin and hair care. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and is used for treating skin inflammations. Linseed oil is the key ingredient of Budwig diet that gave encouraging results in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and other diseases.


Why unrefined?

In contrast to the industrially processed oil that has to pass at least 6 stages of refining, the cold-pressed oil has a pleasant smell and a taste of a raw food and does not have to undergo any of the refining stages.


Why cold press?
Cold-pressed oil is obtained by mechanical pressing of seeds. The obtained oil fully retains all nutrients, especially essential fatty acids in which the seeds are naturally rich.


Health benefits of linseed oil are manifold:    


  • It lowers blood sugar
  • It eliminates the consequences of type 2 diabetes
  • It is beneficial for the development and functioning of brain and eyesight
  • it lowers triglycerides by up to 65%
  • it normalizes high blood pressure
  • it reduces lipoprotein level (a strong risk factor of heart diseases)
  • it nourishes skin
  • it helps improve hair growth and hair quality

Ingredients: 100% linseed oil

This product may contain traces of allergens (sesame and chestnut).


Therapeutic use: in the first 2 months, take 4 to 5 table spoons a day; after that, continue with 1 to 2 table spoons a day.  

Prevention: take 1 to 2 table spoons a day.

In the diet: Linseed oil should be exclusively used unheated. It has characteristic, slightly bitter taste. It is principally used as salad oil, but may also serve as an addition to stews and boiled cereals.


The daily dose should not be exceeded.

The product should not be consumed by persons who are sensitive to its ingredients.

Its long-term use has shown no contraindications.





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