Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed Oil
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Cold pressed, unrefined 


Rapeseed oil (Brassica napus), one of the oldest oil crops, grown in India 4000 years ago. Rapeseed originally comes from the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, and is considered very important oilseed crop that takes as high as the third place in quantity of production, right behind palm and soybean oil.

This cold pressed, unrefined oil is obtained by mechanical filtration of raw seeds of rape and characterized by rich content of unsaturated fatty acids. It contains all three essential fatty acids: omega 3, 6 and 9, and thanks to its mild aroma and flavour it is recommended for making cakes and pastries. Human body is not capable of producing essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). Considering that they are necessary for normal functioning of many organs and systems, it is important to ensure their intake by food.

Rape is seen as the recommendable source of fat, knowing that the replacement of saturated fats in the diet with unsaturated fats contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Rapeseed oil is extremely rich in vitamin E that acts as an antioxidant.


Why unrefined?

In contrast to the industrially processed oil that has to pass at least 6 stages of refining, the cold-pressed oil has a pleasant smell and a taste of a raw food and does not have to undergo any of the refining stages.


Why cold press?
Cold-pressed oil is obtained by mechanical pressing of seeds. The obtained oil fully retains all nutrients, especially essential fatty acids in which the seeds are naturally rich.



Health benefits of rapeseed oil are manifold:

  • it helps maintain normal level of cholesterol in blood
  • it reduces the risk from heart disease and blood vessels
  • it has beneficial effect on the level of HDL and triglycerides


Ingredients:100% of rapeseed oil


This product may contain traces of allergens (sesame and chestnut)


Oil contains permissible concentration of Erucic acid (max 2%).


Application: Due to the high content of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it is principally recommended as salad oil, but thanks to its extremely high smoke point and mild flavour it is also used for cooking and baking.




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