Virgin Toasted Sesame Oil

Virgin Toasted Sesame Oil
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Sesame (Sesamum indicum), the favourite food of oriental and North African peoples whose medicinal properties were known to Egyptians, was thefavourite food of Oriental and North African nations, and its beneficial effects were recognized by the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Indians and Chinese. Archaeological evidence confirms that sesame is the oldest grown crop. The sesame oil was used in India more than 4000 years ago, equally as food and in medicine and cosmetics. Sesame oil has a special place in the Ayurvedic tradition and a very broad use. Numerous today’s studies affirm its healing properties. Sesame seeds can be used raw, roasted, ground and in the form of oil.

Dark sesame oil is unrefined, virgin oil of roasted sesame seeds. The virgin unrefined sesame oil retains all the healthy ingredients in which the sesame seeds are naturally rich. The difference from light sesame oil is that the seedsare slightly roasted before squeezing. Hence its darker colour and richer flavour and aroma.It contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E and a large amount of lecithin contained in the oil in the form of a faintly slimy texture, giving it the outstanding stability. It is greatly appreciated in macrobiotic cuisine, due to its high stability, but also its taste.

It is rich in unsaturated omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, which can provide valuable help in fighting cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases and are essential for maintaining the normal functionof many organs. It is a generous source of vitamin E and B1, and the minerals calcium, iron, manganese and copper. Numerous scientific studies have shown that regular consumption of sesame oil lowers cholesterol and has beneficial effects on heart and kidney function. Sesame oil is very rich in linoleic acid, one of two essential fatty acids that our body is unable to produce. Essential fatty acids are vital for normal growth and development of the organism, as well as for the vitality of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Their role is also to maintain the youth ofskin and other tissues and prevent its drying. The latest scientific studies have shown that essential fatty acids play an important role in regulating blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and the movement of substances through the cell membranes.


Why unrefined?
In contrast to the industrially processed oil that has to pass at least 6 refining stages, the cold-pressed oil has a pleasant smell and a taste of raw food and does not have to undergo any of the refining stages.


Why virgin?
Both virgin and cold press oils are produced by mechanical extraction from seeds. The difference is that virgin oil is obtained from the seeds that are thermally treated before squeezing.  Such process ensures greater stability and richer flavour of oil.

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Beneficial effects of sesame oil are manifold, as it:

  • lowers cholesterol
  • is beneficial for heart and kidney functions
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • has beneficial effects on cardiovascular system
  • helps with wound healing
  • regenerates skin and hair


Ingredients:100% roasted sesame seed oil


Sesame seed oil is an allergen.






It can be used equally for frying, baking and stir-fry, or in salads. It is used in all Asian cuisines, particularly Chinese and Japanese.




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