Diabetic Bar with Pumpkin Seeds

Diabetic Bar with Pumpkin Seeds
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The tasty bar Diabetic bar with pumpkin seeds is a healthy snack made from pumpkin seeds, containingfructose, primarily intended for people having diabetes. The recipe for these fasting bars has beencreated in cooperation with the health institute, having in mind the needs of persons with diabetes. It is suitable for all ages, because the pumpkin seed is equally useful for children at their development age, the athletes, as well as the elderly, thanks to its beneficial effect on the urinary system, particularly the prostate. The combination of pumpkin and fructose in this bar is ratherunexpected, but found to be irresistible by many.

The Diabetic bar with pumpkin seeds is made using exclusively high-quality fresh ingredients. It contains no cholesterol, sugar, gluten or artificial additives.

Ingredients: pumpkin, fructose, roasted soybeans, puffed rice.





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