Diabetic Bar with Sesame Seeds

Diabetic Bar with Sesame Seeds
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The delicious bar Diabetic bar with sesame, is a healthy sesame snack primarily createdfor people having diabetes. The recipe for these fasting bars has been created in cooperation with the health institute, keeping in mind the needs of persons having diabetes. Although this delicacy is primarily intended for people with diabetes, thanks to its nutritional composition, this food can be consumed by all, daily. It is basically made from sesame, long known for its beneficial effects on human health, thanks to itsfatty acid composition and abundance of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus.


The Diabetic bar with sesame exclusively contains high-quality fresh ingredients.

It contains no cholesterol, sugar, gluten, casein or artificial additives.


Ingredients: sesame, fructose, roasted soybean, puffed rice.



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