Food quality policy

“Sunsokret” d.o.o. from Hajdukovo has positioned itself as a renowned producer of healthy food in its thirty-third year of production. To be recognized as a responsible legal entity with a correct attitude towards customers, suppliers, workers, and other actors in the market. The finished products are of premium quality, aesthetically and functionally packaged with an emphasis on ecology and health, which is in full agreement with the strategy and policy of food quality and safety.

“Sunsokret” d.o.o. is a proven leader in the market with a large number of loyal customers, and it maintains that position with a constant focus on quality and innovation.



To achieve the above goals “Suncokret” D.O.O.:

  • carefully follows the trends in the domestic and foreign markets of healthy food and new technologies.
  • is focused on meeting the health needs of customers, using recaptures, ingredients, and technologies that make this possible.
  • acquires the highest quality raw materials, controlling and verifying the suitability of suppliers in terms of meeting the standards established by positive legal regulations and internal quality standards.
  • implement integral quality control from the reception of raw materials, through evaluation and control of finished products to customers.
  • conducts internal and external communication.
  • the management system is implemented according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 standards and HACCP regulations, which are constantly applied, maintained, and improved.

Management of “Suncokret” d.o.o. conducts familiarization of all employees:

with the company’s food quality and safety policy

new information that enables continuous and professional training, expanding professional knowledge regarding food quality and safety.