Granum Loyalty 

Register, become a member of the Granum Club, and collect 5% loyalty points on your first purchase, plus a birthday present, a reward for each review, a transition to a new Granum level, and much more. 


We reward healthy habits

We walk the path of health with healthy habits. Collect points by buying products you love. With every purchase, you collect Granum Loyalty points. You'll collect even more points as you progress up the Granum Loyalty level ladder, which you can use right from your next purchase!


1 point = 1 RSD

More points = more prizes. And more rewards = more healthy snacks. Get 1 point for every 1 rsd you spend.


Birthday gift 300 rsd

Just enter your date of birth on the My Account page and we will send you 300 rsd. worth of points for your next purchase.


Points last 120 days

The deadline for using collected points is 120 days. After that, they disappear from your account. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder 30 days before the deadline.


Three levels of Loyalty Club

The Loyalty Club has three levels: Granum Lite (5%), Granum Silver (7.5%) and Granum Gold (10%), which determine the rate of accumulation of points with each purchase.


Each review 10 points

Rate the purchased products and leave your impression in the comment on the product and you will win 10 points for each comment.


New level new gift

Granum rewards with a bonus for moving to a new level. Moving to the Granum Silver level is rewarded with points worth 350 rsd. one-time, and for moving to the Granum Gold level a bonus of 900 rsd.

Level entry requirement


12.000 RSD

30.000 RSD

Discount on every purchase




Access to seasonal discounts

Birthday present

300 RSD

300 RSD

300 RSD

Bonus for moving to a new level


350 RSD

900 RSD

Free sample of new flavors

1 review = 10 rsd

Granum Loyalty Klub


by registering, you become a Granum Lite member

12.000 RSD

or 600 points for Granum Silver

30.000 RSD

or 1,950 points for Granum Gold

Ready to get started?

Create an account to start collecting points. Have an account? Just log in to access your benefits!

Frequently asked questions

How can points be collected in the Granum Loyalty Club?

There are many great ways to earn Granum Loyalty Points! By purchasing Granum products; publishing reviews; but also by celebrating your birthday with us, we reward you with points that can be used; as well as moving to a new Granum Silver or Granum Gold level.

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