Pomegranate Vinegar - Organic

Pomegranate Vinegar - Organic
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Why organic?

Because organic food is produced from natural resources grown WITHOUT chemical products or artificial fertilizers in the areas that are FREE from any air pollutants.


Using traditional technology, we have created vinegar from wild pomegranate, which is organic and has a sophisticated flavour. By adding an organic concentrate of apple and blueberries, we obtained the balsamic variety. The result was thevinegar of a remarkably rich taste, enhanced by the sweetness of organic apples and blueberries.


As a fruit that aside from its high nutritional value (it contains vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus), also contains medicinal properties, pomegranate has been the subject of numerous studies over the last decade. Most of the tests confirmed that the pomegranate juice and oil contain the high concentration of antioxidants, as well as the ability to kill cancer cells. Some of them dealt with comparing the effectiveness of fresh pomegranate juice compared to the fermented juice. Interestingly, the test results have shown that the fermented juice is even more beneficial than the fresh one.


This vinegar contains all the high nutritional values of the pomegranate, with the addition of acids and enzymes that are produced in the fermentation process.


Ingredients: 85% organic pomegranatevinegar, 15% organic concentration of apple and blueberry.

Use:Pomegranate vinegar is a tasteful addition to salads. It also effectively improves digestion and contributes to creating alkaline environment in a body. The recommended daily intake of vinegar is the solution of 2 table spoons of vinegar in the lukewarm water (that could be pre-boiled) with two teaspoons of honey. 


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